SONY MDR-NC31EM 數位降噪耳機 水貨 保養3個月 黑色

-15%  SONY MDR-NC31EM 數位降噪耳機 水貨 保養3個月 黑色

全新 SONY MDR-NC31EM 數位降噪耳機 水貨 保養3個月


•-降噪功能 (DNC)


旅遊時,MDR-NC31EM 能有效封鎖引擎或身邊其他噪音,讓您盡情享受高品質音樂。超舒適耳機增添您的聆聽體驗,讓您舒服聆聽音樂,觀賞影片及享受各式娛樂,數小時都不會累。




有來電時,您可以使用 MDR-NC31EM 盡情通話。您的手可以自由做其他事情,且通話音質極佳。

注意:只有在 MDR-NC31EM 與具有 3.5 公釐、5-Pole 音訊接頭的裝置連線時才能使用通話處理功能。檢查您的裝置規格以取得詳細資料。

Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Active Noise Cancelling Headset for Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet - Black


No noise. Just music.

When you’re travelling, the MDR-NC31EM will effectively block out engine and other noises around you and leave you with the best of your music. High-comfort fit earbuds complement your listening experience and let you enjoy your favourite songs video and other entertainment for hours.

Precision listening

Block out all the noise around you wherever you are and listen to your music in all its detail. This digital noise-cancelling headset will give you full-range audio with deep bass, a strong medium register and clear highs. Excellent audio for all types of music.

Hands-free calling

When a call comes in you can use your MDR-NC31EM to enjoy the call. Your hands are free and you have excellent call audio.

*Note: call handling is only possible when the MDR-NC31EM is connected to a device with a 3.5 mm 5-pole audio contact. Check your device specifications for details.


Connector: 3.5 mm audio jack, 5 pole

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20000Hz

Speaker type: 13.5 mm dynamic

Nominal Impedance: 31 Ohm

Microphone: ECM 

Use with: Optimized for Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 tablet. Also compatible with devices with 3.5 mm 5-pole audio connector. Functionality may vary between devices.

Note: MDR-NC31EM will not work with devices that do not have a 5-pole audio connector.



1 x Sony Digital Active Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-NC31EM for Xperia Z2 - Black


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